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    The aim of our company is the constant introduction of new product groups in terms of passenger cars and vans.

    We do not focus on mass production of a homogeneous type of cabinetry. We focus on quality, innovation and advanced technology.

    "Your idea - our performance"

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  • Body type
    • Insulated body

      Modern and multifunctional car buildings, with a guarantee of a stable core temperature.

    • Isotherm body

      Isotherm cars are a great choice for customers who want to transport goods at low temperature.

    • Passenger body

      The combination of convenient functionality and passenger comfort.

    • Passenger and truck body

      Convenient functionality, passenger comfort, together with the carriage of cargo.

    • Container body

      Vehicles frequently chosen by customers in the FMCG sector. They characterized by high load capacity and space.

    • Box body

      Extremely lightweight and versatile design, usually called the "Internationale building"

    • Special body

      „Your idea – our performance”. We are able to take up any unusual orders.

  • Our cars are subjected to a thorough and objective technical control so you are certified DEKRA

  • Our approvals


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